I’ve Been Tagged! Thanks Jackie

Ok so this is a first for me so I am excited to play along and am honored to be among such wonderful new friends.  Thank you Jackie Wright  

Ok 7 things about me.

1. I was a hair stylist for about 30 years before processing mortgage loans.  I have not worked for 4 years now and I enjoy watching my family grow.

2. I mentioned in my last post I had been involved in a fire while at work. It was very very scary but I survived and grew from that experience.

3. I love to eat lemons with salt but of course anyone who knows me knows I eat a lot of salt.  Jackie is not the only one who eats salt.  Not good for the body but yummy in the tummy!  (I got a craving for a lemon just from typing this post so my poor son had to run to the store a minute ago to get me one)

4. I am a mother of 4 and grandmother of 7 and I am only 51 but I love my life and my family.

5. I love to do everything and anything. I cross stitch, knit, crochet, needlepoint, cards, scrapbooks, journals for the grand kids, genealogy and my newest hobby and love is blogging and meeting fun new friends. 

6.  My husband and I were invited to go on the most wonderful vacation I will ever have.  My father and stepmother invited us to go with them to Nauvoo Ill for a week and they paid for everything.  We say so many pieces of our heritage there and loved every minute of it.  My father passed away last year so it was even more special.

7.  I graduated Seminary (LDS) on Wednesday, High School on Friday and got married on Saturday all within 1 month of turning 18 and it was all in the same week.

Ok not the fun part.  I have enjoyed many new blogging friends so it will be hard to decide to tag but here it goes.

1. Danielle at Fat Cat Stamper 

2. Dannie at Dannie’s Designs

3. Paula  at Inking Addict

4. Wendy at It’s All About Stamping!

5. Ashley at Design With Ink

6. Mary at Stampin Pretty

7. Dawn at Dawn’s Stampin Thoughts

I will have to tell you this was really hard to do.  There are so many wonderful Blogs out there and I wish I could do them all.  I sure had a fun time playing along and thanks again Jackie for thinking of me!


One Response

  1. Dahlene, thank you so much for the award. I’m so glad you visit my site. I’ve visited yours and your family site and have enjoyed getting to know you a little better. You have a great site. I was awarded/tagged just a couple weeks ago and found it very hard to come up with 7 things about myself. I kept asking my family for help but they couldn’t think of anything except for the #1 on my list. Oh well…does that mean I’m boring or just not weird? Thanks again! Love, Wendy

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