My Night of Fun!

I’m back!  I have not felt well for a little while but I am doing better now.  On Friday the 6th I spent several hours at my granddaughter’s 10th birthday party.  It started a couple of weeks ago when my daughter asked me if I had any ideas for a fun girls night in.  I decided to e-mail several of our fun bloggers for some ideas and what ideas I got.  Mary Fish ( told me about making a purse using a clear stationary box and paper.  I looked at this box and decided that was it I found the perfect idea for my granddaughter’s party.  Mary got the idea from (Nichole Heady from Papertray) where she has a tutorial. Thanks guys.  What made it so perfect was that I already had the boxes just sitting around.  In the tutorial you are suppose to cut the box in half but I wanted to have it tall enough to put a 3×3 Post It Note holder so I cut them at 3 3/4″.  I also go the idea for the Jumbo Paper Clip from Dawn’s Stamping Thoughts, Coaster Post it Note holder and a Water Bottle drink Holder  from Anjie Juda (Chic-n-Scratch).  I learned how to make the magnets from church and found the perfect size pencils at Office Max and my daughter bought the girls some lip gloss as well.  I had to wait for 2 weeks to do the party because my daughters family got sick.  When we started to do the party the girls were very excited to get going.  I did not let the girls know what we were going to do next so it would be a surprise.  I love the comment one girl made, she said you are the best artist she knew.  I loved it! and they did too.  They said it was one of the most fun party they had ever gone to.  So Thank you to Mary for getting my creative juices going.


2 Responses

  1. So glad you’re feeling a little better and glad your granddaughter’s party turned out so well! I sounds like they really enjoyed it! You did a great job on all of the fun projects!!

  2. Thanks for being great and for helping me out with Taylor’s birthday party! Love ya!

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