Wanted – A New Me!

Ok I just need a new body!  One that can work, clean, take care of grandkids, go to movies, stay on top of my house, and about the weight I was back in High School.  I am still not able to sit in one position for very long or lay down for very long as the sitting helps the top part of my back and the laying down hurts my lower back.  I usually try to have a positive attitude but I am so tired of hurting my self with minor things like holding onto my granchildren.  Sorry I needed to vent.


2 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry to year you’re hurting. That’s no fun at all. I hope you get better soon! ~Dannie

  2. Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry about your pain. My prayers go out to you! No need to say you’re sorry, either! Hugs, Jackie

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