I Love Origami Boxes

cards-0052I made these boxes to put  goodies in to take to my card swap so I would not have to carry so much.  I have a Boppy box that was just right for caring the boxes in. To make the boxes I took 12 x 12 sheets of paper and cut them down to the size I wanted them to be,  these were 10 1/2 x 10 1/2 for the lid and 10 x 10 for the bottom of the box.  I first found a video on Kristina’s Blog which I would recommend watching.  I love the way she puts the ribbon on.  Instead of folding the square to get the middle of the box I turned the paper over and drew a line from each corner to make an x then I folded the corners to middle of the box. It is a basic origami fold box that I found on the internet from Julia Andrus. I like this way of making the boxes because it does not leave an X on the top and bottom of the boxes.  To finish it off I cut a piece of white card stock to put on the inside of the boxes.


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  1. Very nice boxes, and thanks for the extra tip!

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