Happy New Year!

I really enjoy each New Year that comes around, so I try to have a  positive attitude about the future.

Because my older grandchildren are in school I don’t get to see them as much as I would like to so this year I started out doing what I Love to do.  My two oldest grandchildren, Taylor and her brother Dylan stayed with me last night to ring in the New Year.  Usually I would be just sitting at home by myself because my dear hubby works nights, but I decided to start a new tradition by having the older grandchildren spend the night and play games and just enjoy my time with them.  We played board games, ate snacks, watched TV, made noise makers and laughed a lot.  Jenny called us at 11:59:50 so we all rang the New Year together.  Grandpa came home from work just in time to make a toast (Jenny brought some faux Champagne).  Taylor got some plastic cups and put our names on them and then we poured the Champagne in them but what was so funny was to see Taylor’s face when she drank it.  Next year we will get the Sparkling Cider instead of the grape.

I hope everyone will have a Wonderful New Year and I know if we have that positive attitude then we should have a positive outcome.  I love my family, friends & my new blogger and card swapping friends.


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  1. Have a very Happy New Year, Dahlene! All the best to you and your family for 2009!


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