Ah Love is in the Air

075Well the holidays are behind us now and time to move on.  For my card swap last Friday I made a simple card but I had problems from the beginning.  The first thing that happened was that I ran out of white cardstock so I found a stach of  white note cards that I purchased about 2 years ago, then I ran out of red satan ribbon and had to go with white instead then I ran out of the 3/4 inch ribbon and ended up making half with two ribbons.  So once I got all the cards done and it was the day of the swap I went to put them into their envelopes and guess what they did not fit so I had to cut the bottoms off and used a standard 6 3/4 size envelope instead.  Anyway the card swap went well and I had a lot of fun going to it and getting some great cards as well.  Next time it will be birthdays so I will be checking in on all my wonderful friends blog to case.


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  1. I think this card is simply beautiful! I love it! Good luck with b-day ones!

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