We Are Sick Are You?

Actually my sweet hubby gave us a very big scare on Saturday when he could not move his head at all.  He went to the Doctor and was immediately sent to the hospital to have a scan and a Spinal Tap to see if he had Meningitis and yes he does have it.  Luckily he has the Viral type and not the bacterial kind but man has he been miserable.  I have never seen him like this and it is so scary to think it could have been worse.  My son took him to see the Doctor and all I could do was cry with not knowing.  I then had my back go out for a couple of days from trying to help him up while in bed.  I am doing better and hope he starts doing better soon.  Thanks for letting me boo hoo.


One Response

  1. Oh no! I hope both of you heal up really soon! Bless you both!

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