Health Update.

This will be quick. I am doing better with my back but Scott is not doing very well and has had me very concerned. He has been in the hospital since Wed morning and so have I. I was getting pretty stinky and decided to come home to rest before going back. They have decided that he has Cellulitus behind the throat but not in the throat. He also has pneumonia and the infection has now gone to his blood, and he also  now has a staff infection  in his bloodstream.  They scared us yesterday because he started to not be able to breathe because his throat was closing up and so they took another scan of his neck and said the swelling was going down but they had to give him more medicine and breathing treatments but they said they were very close to doing a trachea procedure but ended not having to do it. Yea! Anyway they were going to send him home today with a PICC line in so I can do the antibiotic’s at home but yet again we woke up to about 7 doctors, nurses and heart specialist because his heart all of the sudden went out of rhythm so now they are doing a bunch of heart tests. Please keep him in your prayers and hopefully we will be home tomorrow.  Thanks for letting me vent yet again.


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