Home At Last

My hubby was in the hospital since last Wed morning and I have been with him the whole time.  He was so sick and had many complications that kept him from coming home sooner.  I have never felt so alone and scared that he would not make it through it all. When we did come home I was looking at the papers he received and was surprised to see that he actually had Retrophanyngeal infection and if you would like to know what the is, here is the link.  While he was in the hospital they also found he had a bleeding ulcer and when he bled out he lost 10% of his blood volume and received 4 units of blood.  He had a scope of his stomach and the first words out of the Doctors mouth was he did not have stomach cancer,  I was so glad my mind was not thinking about cancer at all because my father passed away from stomach cancer almost 2 years ago and I know I would have been a basket case.  He then had problems with his heart rate and then had a bunch of heart tests done, they were ok.  The last thing that was so scary was when his throat started to close off and they almost had to do a tracheotomy.  Luckily for us his infection had not abscessed and they were able to start him on antibiotics immediately.  I brought him home last night and started to give him his antibiotics, he will need me to do this every 6 hours both day and night.  I feel like a nurse already!  I will not be posting very often until he is doing better. Thanks for your prayers.


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  1. Dahlene,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s health problems…how very scary! I did read your last entry but I think I was viewing it on my blackberry and didn’t comment from it (it is difficult to do for me!) so I am sorry about that. But you and he are in my prayers!

    Take care,

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