OCC Sketch May 9th

OCCSketch1cc c sketch1

I was so excited to make some cards but I needed to do something that was more on the simple line because I have strained the large muscles on the side of my back and have been taking it easy.  The good news is that I am starting to feel better.  Anyway I saw the OCC Sketch for the 9th of May and decided I could make a quick card.  As you know it is easier to make two cards at the same time so that is what I did and when I was done I looked at them both and realized that I had make them different, and what a fun surprize it was when I noticed the change.  I decided to add the ribbon as an afterthought.  The flowers were some vellum stickers that I had bought about a year ago and never had the correct cardstock colors to go with it until now.  I loved the way they go on  and blends in with the paper.  I think I will continue to buy them again.  I added some demintionals in the middle then glued the sides down to make it have a little dome effect.


3 Responses

  1. Lovely card! …HUGS…SK 🙂

  2. Your cards are just beautiful, Dahlene!!

  3. These cards are gorgeous. Thank you for sending me one! It touched my heart.

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