Mojo Monday #94 & Some Rest

Mojo 94Mojo94Sketch

So what a week I had!  I made this card for the Mojo challenge and then we went camping for several days.  It was so beautiful and everything went great.  We went to the Ledge fork campground in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah and we were not able to reserve a camp site so we took our chances and went on Wed and just as we went into the campground we were stopped by a man trying to back his very large trailer and was blocking the road and I just happened to look at the reserve sign across from him and the most perfect campsite had just became available and was not reserved for the days we were needing.  We paid immediately and was down by the stream and it had enough space for all of our tents to be setup and plenty of room to spare.  Then on top of that the last people had left a nice cold watermelon in the stream for us to have.  So now we are back and I am worn out even though I did nothing for 3 days.  I was having trouble with my Vertigo over the last 2 weeks but today I actually am feeling pretty good ! Yahoo!!!


3 Responses

  1. Hi friend! So glad you had a good vacation – sounds wonderful! Beautiful card you made, too!

  2. Awwww, such a sweet card. The safety pin and buttons add the perfect touch of ‘cute’ :o)

  3. This is really sweet! Great take on the sketch; VERY pretty baby card 🙂

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