OCC Challenge for August

silver occ card

This week our August hostess, Loretta Lock, has challenged the OCC to Christmas in August. With Christmas right around the corner it’s time to warm up those holiday stamps.

I was not going to do a card this week because I have been trying to create some Christmas cards for my daughter to look at.

She usually wants about 100 of them each year so I have to get started early.

As I finished with this card I decided it would be perfect for the OCC Christmas in August challenge.  I wanted a card that would not cost a lot to make yet look very pretty.  I normally do not do a monocramatic card but this one just evolved that way.  I needed some ribbon and I decided to us some wrapping curling ribbon (cheap) and it just fit with the silver embossing and the black cardstock.

As I finished with it I was thinking maybe I need to make Jen some other cards so I can use them myself.  This picture did not do the card justice.  I also was thinking that there was another challenge using something you have not used for a while but I forgot where I saw it.


One Response

  1. This is stunning! I LOVE the color of the ink and how it totally matches the ribbon! Great job!

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