I Have Been Busy & Not So Busy

Scott and I decided to refinance our home to lower the rate and after 3 months of the up’s and down’s of the mortgage business it finally got to the point of the appraisal.

For the last several years of having 4 children, 4 grandchildren, 2 cats and 2 dogs living in our home along with my great husband the house started to come apart at the seems. The appraiser came to the house and when he left I knew we would have some conditions that we needed to get taken care of. We did get appraisal conditions like I thought we would and guess what it was all the things I was wanting to have done but no one would do it. I can not do much of anything now days so I had to get everyone going and man did they work hard! My children and husband fixed the door casings, holes in the walls and repainted them, paint all the doors, put trim on the railing to finish that project, cleaned our carpets, put up 3 light fixtures and most of all paint the outside of the house that had the bare wood showing through in order to get the appraisal conditions taken care of. We decided we might as well paint the entire outside of our home and paint the brick.

So what did I do? I delegated and then had another Vertigo attack and stayed in bed for a couple of days.  My house finally looks great and feels clean for once and the outside is looking so much better and I can not wait for it to be done.

The bad part of doing this was that I was not able to do any stamping or anything fun.  Oh Well I guess I will just shake the dust off and begin to have fun once again.


One Response

  1. Hi, D!

    I have not checked blogs in over a week…too much to go into here…glad to know I am not the only one. Congrats on the house, but sorry about the vertigo…yuck!

    Thought of you this week; FYI I purchased a copic colorless blender. It does not work with the Bic markers.

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