A New Year A New Me

Well sort of.  Nothing has really changed other than the fact that the hustle and bustle is over and now I can think again.  I needed a quick present to give to a wonderful friend and as I was looking at the boxes on the Scor-Pal website I came across a Note Card Box that Valerie Stangle did.but it was designed for a metric  Scor-Pal.  I took a chance that she would have it on her blog and she did so I made the box and I cut a lot of paper to fit inside of it for all the times you need a piece of scratch paper.  I then added a pen to it and it turned out rather cute.  The funny thing is that I really did not realize that it was to hold note cards and not paper so I decided to create my very own Scratch Paper Box using the basic idea from Valerie’s Note Card Box which can be seen here.

I also decided to put this as a Creative Corner Challenge which is to do a 3-D project you can see here.

I first designed the box so that it would fit on any desk and be out-of-the-way, then I decided to make a larger one to put scrap paper in one side and to be able to put the notes I took in the other side.  So here goes my first tutorial, wish me luck and please let me know if the instructions are clear and make sense. 

scratch paper box 2

Single Scratch Paper Box Tutorial

Cut Card stock at 9 1/2 X 7 1/8

(note:  The correct measurements are on the PDF templates above)


Double Scratch Paper Box

I hope these instructions are easy and correct.  I hope you have fun making them.



2 Responses

  1. Well that’s just pretty cool, Dahlene! Great job…I’ll have to try one of these out!

  2. this is fantastic! and thanks for the tut on it 🙂 oh you linked up to the sketch challenge on occ not the 3D challnge. thought i’d let you know so you can link up to it 🙂

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