Not Just Another Day

I am so excited, do you want to know why?  Well, last summer my big desk and I mean big decided to break.  Well I did move it at least 10 times while I had it and it was given to me so yes it had a right to die.  Anyway we have a beautiful Oak desk that fits in the corner of a room and my husband gave that one to me and built him one in our bedroom so we would both have a desk.  Since last summer I went from a big desk to one that did not have enough room for me to do my bills on let alone create cards or scrapbooks on and that is why I have not been too creative for awhile but on Saturday night I got a hair brain idea to turn the desk so that one side was against the wall and the other is in the middle of the room.  I rounded up my boys and had them move it and for the last 2 days I have been setting my room up so that I now have the top of my desk is empty and the side is where my computer is setup and I finally have all my punches and everything right behind the desk so all I need to do is turn the chair around to get what I need.  I finally have room to create again but the only problem now is what do I want to do first.


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