Mojo Monday #144

Mojo Monday # 144 – I am so proud of myself because I made this card in under 2 hours well actually it only took me about 45 minutes but still I made this card using only scraps and I made it on Monday!  That is a first.  I got up a little sooner than I usually do and was able to get several things done and had and hour to devote just to me before my grandson Spartacus came over for me to watch him.  I really had fun with this card and it looks so nice in person.  It was made using some real shiny paper that I bought a couple of years ago and felt like it would look good with the little bits of striped card stock that I have used before.  The flower was a velum sticker that tends to blend in on the white card stock.  Thanks for coming by to take a peek at what I have been doing.    I must really like the striped paper because I used it on the last post LOL


3 Responses

  1. I love when a card just comes together. I love Julee’s sketches, but it usually takes me hours to get it together…choosing papers, then an image, etc. I think your card is perfect and lovely!

  2. LOVELY card, Dahlene! Great job with the sketch! And I cannot thank you enough for your kind words on my last blog post…you are a dear!

    Come visit me in Nashville anytime!

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