My Long Time Off!

As of today I am doing great!  My heart problems are under control and I have not had a Vertigo attack for a couple of weeks now so I have been able to do some housekeeping again.

While I was down I decided that I wanted to work on projects that matter the most to me, so I am working on my personal scrapbook.  I decided to update my other one so that it could fit a 3 ring binder.  This picture is  of me when I was in 9th grade, I think I liked this picture because I had  hair on my head back then LOL … I have lost so much of my hair as I have gotten older I feel like I am going bald …yuck, anyway it is nice to look back and remember those fun parts of my life.

Now that I am trying to create again…(I know I have said that before) but I truly hope that I can get back into creating fun projects once more.  I have been using Pinterest so I can look at all of the fun projects that so many wonderful women create.  I  ordering some new stamps from Stampin Up and I know this will  help me get my groove back.  I hope that as I start my new goals that I can be the one to motivate you.

Thanks for coming and checking in on me.  Dahlene


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