Teachers Goodbye Gifts

I have not been doing very much blogging because of my finger but it is finally well enough to type without pain…the sad thing is that I jammed it 3 more times after taking the brace off.

I needed to make some goodbye gifts for my grand children’s teachers and I bit off more than I could chew.  I had fun making them but it took me days to do them.

I made three of everything because I had 3 teachers to do.  I made 3 notebooks, 3 cards, 3 small notebooks, 3 post it holders and finally 3 bags to put them all in.

The pictures do not do them justice and the teachers loved them and my grand children loved giving them something that is what counts.

By the way I am really tired of the designer paper I got around the first of the year.  I used in many of my gifts for Christmas and these Teachers gifts and the several notebooks, pencil holders, cards and I even used them to go on the inside of my storage containers to hide what was inside them.  I think I am done …but wait I also made one more notebook so here it is and then I really am done making them for a while….LOL


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