My Version of A Chore Box

Today is a great day! I have had a break from my grandchildren and have been able to get some things done…finally! I made this box first and then I had an idea for a chore box.

Last week was a nightmare…I am so glad my grandchildren went to their mothers for the last several days, I needed a break and I can not wait for school to start.

Have you ever had a project that you have worked on for a long time only to have it broken…I did last week!  I had decided to create a chore box for my grandchildren that I was going to have jumbo craft sticks with the chore on the bottom of them that I was going to put into each of the boxes I created as shown above…they took 2 of them and tore apart the boxes that I created to hold the sticks and the money they were going to earn.  I decided that I would go a different route so now I am doing something totally different to hold the sticks in but then when I spray painted them my dear husband stepped on it…LOL is all I could do fortunately I could repair it.  I am excited to finish this project and get it going with the kids.  When I am done I will post it as well.  I hope you have a wonderful day today, I know I will!


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