I Am Making A Change!

Over the last several years I have been putting a guilt of sort onto myself.

When I started this blog I did it so I could have one place to link to all of the fun blogs that have given me inspiration and I wanted to learn something new.

At first I thought I needed to have my pictures perfect which was difficult for me…I had to learn how to manipulate the pictures of my cards from of course a new program and at the time I had Photoshop.  Then I updated my computer and lost my Photoshop copy so then I needed to learn another program (Gimp is free).  Then I felt that I needed to included all the products that I used which also took time.

Over the last couple of years I became so busy when 3 very active grandchildren moved in to our house and of course I could no longer take the time or have energy to make my cards.

I also have Vertigo so whenever that happens I am in bed for several days and so on.  It has been one thing or another that has caused me to not be able to create like I would have wanted.

I have reorganized my thoughts and made some changes to help take the stress of my mind.  I realized that all of my favorite bloggers and there are many of them, need to create and keep up with the new stamps and supplies because that is how they make their money.  I realized that I am not needing to do as they do because I am not a demonstrator or dealer, therefore why put that stress on myself.  I was putting a guilt trip by worrying that I was not able to put new and fun cards and other things I have created on my blog everyday.  It was more like once a month instead of daily postings and I  just did not have time.

I have decided that I was not going to try to post each and everyday but I will post more often.  I also have changed what I will be posting by putting more of my thoughts, family, organizing, spiritual and my goals so I have changed my blog name from Simply Thoughtful Cards to just Simply Thoughtful because it will be more about my thoughts and not as much of the crafts that I do but I will still do them.  I will not put down what products I use nor am I going to make my pictures fancy because I do not have the time to do it.

 I do want to say Thank You to all the friends that looked and commented on my postings and to all their hard work they do to inspire people like me.

Love Dahlene.


4 Responses

  1. I’ve been doing a bit of blog soul-searching myself lately! It truly doesn’t matter if you are playing with brand new supplies or older supplies; just create when you can and have fun.

  2. I’m so glad you’re making the changes you need to in order to enjoy your crafting and not be brought down by expectations and guilt! Good for you!

  3. Change is good. It may take time to adjust at the start, but you have to do what is right for you. I’ve learnt that myself over these past few months.

  4. Thank all of you with your very kind comments…It means so much to me!

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