Flylady to My Rescue

My sister told me about the Flylady and her website several years ago.  I was feeling like my house was going to pot while I was working but did not have time or energy to really get into what she was saying at that time.

I have been feeling that my house needs help so I decided to really take a good look at what Flylady’s website was all about.   I read all of the many ways she helps you to get organized and I was amazed at how much information she gives to you.

One of the first things that Flylady teaches you is to start out in baby steps.  And the first step is to Shine Your Sink!  I know it sounds funny but I can honestly say it works.  I started her program on Monday by thoroughly cleaning my sink.  The next day I woke up to a clean kitchen and sink and I was excited to empty my dishwasher.  I made sure that I checked on the kitchen several times during the day then just before I went to bed I finished putting the dishes in and turned on my dishwasher then went to bed.  This worked for a couple of days but then I had the stomach flu on Wed.  I went upstairs on Thursday and my kitchen was not in too bad of shape and it was so nice to just put the dishes in and wipe down the kitchen.  I am getting into the habit of  cleaning the kitchen a little more often and throughout the day but I have liked that way I feel at night when I keep my sink shiny.  She suggests that you do everything in baby steps so that it will become a habit or routine and that the house will become clean and stay clean.  Flylady and her staff are so uplifting and get you excited to clean that you almost feel like it is a game and not a chore.  I am still at the baby step stage but it has helped me to get started and that is what matters most. I will continue to clean and mention what it has done for me.

Love Dahlene


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