Getting Back To Normal…Whatever That Is

Getting back to normal but what is normal?  I feel that we all go through life wondering what our normal is.

I have decided that I will always have a house full of yelling, laughing, fighting grandchildren living under our roof  and that it seems is our new normal.  What would my life be without my grandchildren and dogs and a dirty house be?

As I look  back on my life and thought I had some really hard trials over the years, I know that we are never alone when we go through life’s trials and knowing that I have my family and friends around me everyday that I can go through whatever life brings me.  I know that some of the little trials I have had are nothing compared to some of my friends and family.

My life right now is wonderful and my goal for this year is to be as positive as I can.  It is real easy to get into the habit of telling everyone that asks how I am doing and I start saying this is going on or that was going on….basically I was always telling others about my problems that I have not given others the chance to tell me how they are doing.

 I have a wonderful husband that loves me, children and grandchildren who adore me and a goofball for a dog that makes me laugh.  My house will always be in chaos but that is my normal and I would not change it for anything else.

 Whatever trials I may have I know others are going through harder trials than I can ever imagine and to those going through these rough times please know you are in my heart and prayers every night.  And for the picture you see all I need to do is look at the serene look of it and it makes me calm.  I love all my family and friends more than you know, Dahlene



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