Cute Milk Carton Holder

Double Milk Carton Box 2
I was asked to make a box to hold some  small bottles of lotion and fragrances.  As I was looking for the pattern of the boxes I made last year I came upon this cute Double Milk Carton Holder made by Debra Flowers.  I think I will need to change it to hold taller boxes but the way she made the box to hold just two items will be just right for my project.  I love creating 3D items and this will be a fun one.  Debra’s instructions is for the holder only:
Cut:   6  1/2  X  4  ¾
Score:  1  ½  ON ALL 4 SIDES
For back handle:
Cut:  3  ½  x  3  ½
Use small oval for hole, and round corners on one end, then just glue inside
Stampin Up Milk Carton Die
I will come back with my version of this cute box in the next couple of days.  See you then.

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  1. This is a gorgeous project!

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