A long summer


It has been a long 6 months with so many changes.  My hubby Scott retired from work, my father in law passed awayand had to sort, purge and settle his estate…I just helped my  sister and brother in law did the most. We had our granddaughter that we had not seen for 6 years move in with us along with her mother which has been so uplifting. 

We bought a tent trailer and went camping at least 8 times but during this time I had gout or vertigo throughout the summer.  During the summer my son Brad has painted, tiled, cleaned and fixed 2 bathrooms, entrance and now the kitchen.  By the time the kitchen done pretty much or whole upstairs will be new again.  My husband and Brad moved the fridge to where the pantry was and now the pantry is on the wall where the fridge was.  Anyway for the last 6 months the stress caught up to me and brought on my vertigo that has not been this bad since it first came on in 2005. 

I have been down for 6 weeks now and I think it is going to be a long time for it to settle down.  Now onto my card… It has taken me a while to put it together but it was nice to be able to create again.  This card was made with my first try of coloring with my copics using a drawing of a girl not just flowers. I also made an envelope and decorated the inside as well.  I am loving my envelope punch board and being able to have it all match.  I am not sure when I can get back to normal but at least it is a start.


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