A New Year!

My year starts with some questions. First when I started my blog several years ago I started it as a place to be able to link the many wonderful blogs that I discovered! I also wanted a place to remind me of the cards that I have made so I could refer back to them when I needed to find a project. At first I was trying to be just like the many blogs that I had been visiting, trying to make my pictures perfect. Then I was trying to put all the information down of the products I used until I realized that I was letting people think I was a demonstrater which I was not.  As I have been contemplating what to do with my blog over this next year I questioned myself as to why have a blog and do I want to keep it going or not, then I realized why I started it in the first place. There are so many blogs out there now days, blogs to teach others like me, blogs that encourage us to learn new ideas and technics and then there are blogs that challenge us.  Of course there are blogs that also sell their productsand show the many ways in which to use these fun products. So again what am I going to do with mine? Well after going through a wonderful blog hop called the Season’s Giving blog hop and had so many wonderful fun blogs.  I decided that because of the time, money, challenges and tutorials that these wonderful blogs and people who take their time to do these blogs that I’m going to start working on mine once again. I will try to do more with it this year if my vertigo allows and I want to share more of the fun blogs I come across. I will be doing more challenges and post pictures of my projects but not as a demonstrater or seller but just as a fellow Blogger sharing my own creations. I want to thank so many of my fellow boogers who have taught me and challengers me to grow and learn!  Thank you, Dahlene


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